Save Water Campaign By Facebook Dindi & Environmental Forum Of India

This is the sixth year of facebook dindi. This year along with the updates of palkhi sohla of sant shree Tukaram Maharaj and Sant shree Dnyaneshwar Maharaj we have come up with a nobel cause. With the help of our e-varkari friends we are putting an effort to resolve the serious on going issue of water shortage/ draught in Maharashtra.
This Nobel movement will be guided and supervised by Shrimati Sunetra tai Pawar and supported by Environmental Forum of India Baramati NGO. This NGO, Sant Tukaram Maharaj Sansthan and Facebook dindi will team up to spread the awareness about water conservation / retention amongst the e varkari farmers and the varkari farmers taking part in vari in real. In each and every dindi of the sohla the information and knowledge regarding the same will be given. Also for each and every like/ join for Facebook dindi event one rupee will be donated to the cause by Environmental Forum of India. The collected amount will be given to the organisation working for water conservation.
This way, from this year Facebook dindi team will not only work for our culture and devotional tradition but also going to help in resolving the serious social issue. Facebook dindi team requests all of you to join the event in maximum number so that all of us can join our hands in unity and leave a mark for humanity for the people affected by draught.

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